Sustainable Growth Through Capital Markets Conference

Purpose of the Conference

In his bestseller book co-authored with Prof. Acemoglu, “Why Nations Fail” Chicago University Economics Professor James Robinson finds that throughout history, the institutions explain the divergence in economic development between nations. In his new book with Prof. Acemoglu, “The Narrow Corridor” that will be published by October 2019 Prof. Robinson will explore the delicate balance between power of societies and the state which gives birth to sustainable prosperity.

So what type of institutional structures carry nations forward? The foundation for economic development is based on a market mechanism where the private and public sector work collectively and in a proactive manner to remove the old and less efficient and create the new and more productive. The success depends on this collaborative capability to create efficient systems that produce new and efficient value propositions for global markets. In the next keynote Chicago University Economics Professor Ufuk Akçiğit will discuss the architecture of finance, firm dynamics and systems that carry countries forward.

However, vital here is to redesign the demand and supply structures in an economy and create circularities that produce and consume value in a sustainable manner. Through only establishing right circular economic architectures countries may start walking on sustainable development paths.

Eventually you become what you finance. What is the ideal design to stimulate growth and how can we redefine the role of capital markets in this framework? What are new components that we need in this system where ideas can be commercialized and nurtured from local to global scale, to create sustainable value not just for the shareholders but for all stakeholders with a long term view? How can public and private capital be reorganized by widening the roles of asset managers, private equity & venture capital firms, investment banks and pension funds and repositioning the finance industry with a new purpose?

  • Are you ready to change your perspective on the purpose of finance ?
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  • Are you ready to better understand operational principles of an ideal structure for growth with a systems perspective ?
  • Are you ready to collaborate to create a financial industry that creates and shares prosperity ?
  • To create a financial industry that better serves the society…

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Albert Krespin

President, CFA Society Istanbul / CEO, Deutsche Securities
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Dr. Alp Keler, CFA

Chairman, Turkish Capital Markets Association
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Arnaud Dupoizat, CFA

Turkey Country Manager, IFC, Former Principle Investment Manager for Largest EM Fund.
image description

Bora Oruç

Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Vice Chairman
image description

Christian Dreyer, CFA

CEO, CFA Society Switzerland
image description

Elena Philipova

Refinitive, Director, Global Head of ESG Proposition
image description

Emrah Yücel

CIO, İş Asset management
image description

Ertunç Tümen, CFA

Board Member CFA Society Istanbul / Head of Business Development, Ak Asset Management
image description

Gary Baker, CFA

EMEA Region Managing Director, CFA Institute
image description

George Lee Lap Wah, CFA

Former Head of Global Corporate Banking OCBC
image description

Prof. Göksel Aşan

Turkish Presidency Finance Office Chief
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Göktürk Işıkpınar

CIO, Head of Alternative Investments, Ak Asset Management
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Prof. James Robinson

University of Chicago, Co-Author of Why Nations Fail & Narrow Corridor
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Jamie Broderick

Senior Advisor, UK Impact Investing Institute / Former CEO UBS Wealth UK
image description

Jean-Gabriel Dayre

Regional Manager for Turkey, Middle East, Caucasus, Balkans and Central Asia at PROPARCO – PE ARM of French Development Agency
image description

Jeroen Bos, CFA, CAIA

Head of Special Equity & Responsible Investing, NN Investment Partners
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Kati Eriksson, CFA

Head of Investments, Aalto University Endowment
image description

Margaret Franklin, CFA

CEO & President, CFA Institute 
image description

Mehmet Gönen

Borsa Istanbul, Acting CEO
image description

Mehmet Tuğrul Tekbulut

Chairman and Logo Group Chief Technology Officer
image description

Orhan Ayanlar, CFA

Partner, Mediterra Capital
image description

Paul Smith, CFA

CFA Institute, President (Former)
image description

Prof. Mustafa Ergen

Istanbul Technical University
image description

Dr. Serkan Yüksel

Turkish Presidency Finance Office, Director of Istanbul Financial Center
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Şule Kılıç

EBRD Deputy Head, Turkey, Sustainable Infrastructure & Energy
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Prof. Ufuk Akçiğit

University of Chicago, Department of Economics